A unique, state of the art security model applying across the end to end architecture. Based on public key infrastructure it provides a distributed security model.


Our technology enables complex sharing to address real world needs and unlock the potential of data.

Big Data

Our platform has been designed to deal with big data in a variety of formats from legacy systems to IoT devices so the solutions can see whole picture.


Analytics is built into the platform. We can rapidly deploy AI and statistical techniques to create dashboards, workflows and solutions that make a real difference. 

Intelligent system to implement financial audit and intelligent sampling regimes

Using data to optimise Business Rates Collections

Using data to manage and predict social care pressures

Citizen-centric care management system for adult social care provision

Using data to match GP practice capacity with demand

Using data to optimise service delivery and schedules

Using data to re-generate and expand the local economy

Tools to analyse market shares and insights into UK government open contract data
Responsive, collaborative and self maintained content management system