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Citizen-centric care management system for adult social care provision

CareTeam is a digital platform and mobile app designed to enable local authorities to better deliver social care. It solves the problem of care fragmentation and data privacy concerns by providing secure data sharing and messaging tools allowing collaboration between care stakeholders. It has been designed to encourage participation by informal carers, a valuable resource that is often overlooked by traditional systems.

CareTeam integrates with intelligent at-home sensors to help inform and manage care provision and allows local authorities to become more efficient and effective by using richer data and AI to provide clear concise information to aid decision making.

Core Benefits


Our technology uses state-of-the-art digital certificate-based security.


Fine grained permission levels ensure only the right people access sensitive information.

Better Collaboration

Sharing data between carers, service users and family in real time enables issues to be predicted or identified earlier.

Integration of Unpaid Carers

Incorporating day-to-day unpaid carers into care systems, insights are shared and outcomes improved.

Defer Demand for State Support

Care Team as an early intervention measure, service users can remain independent for longer.

Access info on the go

Carers can view service user and care visit information prior to visits so they are prepared.

Optimise Telecare Response

Sharing sensor alerts with a range of stakeholders to improve response times and reduce costs.

Integration with Sensors

Avoids vendor lock in and allows flexibility and diversity in use.

Integrated Analytics

On care provision and sensor data can spot anomalies and trends.

Citizen Controlled Data Ownership

Enables data sharing and true collaboration.

Reduced Costs

Digital recording of care visit durations enables true costs to be measured and paid for.

Improved Outcomes

Carers, social workers and families report benefits to the
system from being aware of issues earlier, to peace of mind that carers have been.

Mobile Features

Home Screen

The home page gives an overview of information and recent activity. Including notifications of new messages and updates and the sensor alert status. There is also a quick menu which acts as a shortcut to add care visit information, new notes, tasks, events, or messages.


Messages can be sent to individuals or groups. They can include pictures and can also be tagged with categories such as admin and paperwork, housework, personal care etc.

Care Visit Recording

Part of the calendar function, care visit recording allows tasks to be attributed to a care visit as free field text or tick lists. For example, a free field text box can be added for general wellbeing and visit notes, and check boxes for specific items such as food and drink requirements or specific domestic tasks.

Start and end times of visits are recorded by carers and this data as well as the visit notes can be shared to managers and family members in real time (data connection dependant). Data can also be exported to other systems for timesheets and finance.

Like calendar events, conversations can be had around visits and carers allocated to visits and can accept and decline events. All information added to events by carers is time and location stamped.

It includes specific functionality for employing Personal Assistants. Employers and PAs can add comments regarding visits and data is exportable to support administrative requirements of PA employers.


In calendar you can create and selectively share events from professional care visits to informal social events. Functionality includes:
  • Recurring events
  • Request attendance
  • Start and end times
  • Request help with transport including pick up and return time, number of passengers and special requirements
  • Accept and decline invitations
  • Workflow – set status of event (in progress/complete)
  • Notes – add notes and conversations about an event


Team acts like an address book – CareTeam members can view other team members and securely share contact details. New team members can be invited to join the CareTeam. They will receive an email and text message with simple instructions to download and signup to the app.


Tasks can be created and assigned so that everyone knows what needs to be done. Information on progress can be shared and tracked.


In notes, important information can be securely shared with relevant stakeholders. For example, key safe codes and food preferences.


Discrete sensors installed in service users’ homes allow motion, temperature, and humidity to be recorded. Invited stakeholders can view data and receive alerts when certain conditions are met, for example motion does not follow its normal pattern or temperature or humidity fall outside of acceptable thresholds. By allowing family carers to see that “everything is OK” it can provide peace of mind.


Lack of transport to important and social events can be one of the first things people need help with and can have a significant impact on independence. Transport requests can be shared with informal carers but also escalated to more formal transport  providers such as community and voluntary organisations and also professional transport providers.

Web Features

System Overview

The administrator portal allows managers to administer accounts and see an overview of activity. The system overview  displays a visual of the total number of users and activity on the system.

Administrators can add or amend accounts and change permission levels. It allows managers to see and monitor the detail of individual service users and make interventions where necessary.

The Service User Overview provides a summary and visual display of a service user’s activity on the system.

Service User Platform

The service user platform allows service users and team members to access CareTeam information via the web. It includes similar functionality to the multi-client platform, but without admin rights. It allows service users to:

  • View team details, invite new users, access sign in codes and view team locations.
  • See the calendar and scheduled care visits.

  • View notes and task details

Care Visits

Here, templates can be set for both individual service users’ and whole system care visits. Care visit summary information can be downloaded for use in finance and timesheet systems.


View more detail of sensor feeds including information on individual sensor readings and historic data. It also allows new sensors to be configured.