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Using data to match GP practice capacity with demand

NQM Care Workforce Analytics has been designed to determine the number of GP consultations which might be freed up by using the wider practice staff. It calculates the workforce mix required to meet the shortfall and the potential cost savings. It is based on national data sets and research, but all elements can be refined to account for local variations. It also allows PCNs and CCGs to plan future workforce requirements by examining aggregated GP practice level information on staff numbers, vacancies, trainees and upcoming retirements.

Core Benefits


Our technology uses state-of-the-art digital certificate-based security.


Fine grained permission levels ensure only the right people access sensitive information.

Strategic Management

Strategically manage the workforce and training for resilience and to meet future demand.

Triage Demand

Tactically triage and direct incoming demand to the most appropriate workforce across primacy/secondary/social and community.

Cost Efficient

Manage resources to optimise cost efficiency.

Collaborative Resources

Enable providers to share resources.

Risk Analysis

Understand the margin of error and risks entailed.

Real Time Response

Respond to real time demand fluctuations with optimised use of existing resources.


Data Import

Based on national data for average number of consultations for each demographic band, trends in consultation rates in General Practice 2008/2009 (which we have updated to reflect the average 3.3% annual increase in activity since then) and the percentages of these consultations which could be provided by other healthcare professionals. This data is used to calculate the estimated number of consultations which could be undertaken by these staff. The demographics, workforce and salary data are taken directly from the NHS portal. The data can be updated subsequently for each practice, CCG or PCN.

Workforce Substitution Calculator

The Workforce Substitution Calculator calculates the number of GP consultations which can be undertaken by non-GP staff, along with the number of GP hours that could be substituted for this. It presents the results as both sessions and Full Time Equivalent (FTE). The population demographics, utilisation rates,  substitution rates, appointment durations,  salaries, and appointment locations (i.e. home, online, phone, surgery) can all be edited with local data where available.
Average costs for employment are also provided.

GP Map Application


Aggregated information about the potential for workforce substitution can be view at both PCN (primary care network) and CCG (clinical commissioning groups) level.

Skills Calculator

GPs perform a wide range of functions, some of which have been delegated to Practice
Nurses and Health Care Assistants. A number of tasks undertaken by GPs could also be managed by the wider workforce (e.g., pharmacists, physiotherapists and physician associates).

The skills calculator tool supports the identification of staff that can undertake a set of tasks. By adding skills them to the ‘Gladstone Bag’, the tool will return the list of staff who can perform all the skills selected.

GP Map Application

Succession Planning

The Age and Sessions RAG Rating (RAG) editor supports succession-planning for the general practice workforce.
This tool highlights (Red-Amber-Green) staff aged 50 to 60. It assumes retirement at age 60 (based on current average retirement ages for GPs and Practice Nurses) and defaults session numbers to nil from that age. It also highlights any discrepancy – positive or negative – in session numbers in years 2 and 5, compared with ‘Now’, and allows session numbers to be varied for planning purposes.

Vacancies Editor

The vacancies editor uses national NHS data to estimate the number of FTEs for each workforce staff type in each practice. The data can be edited at practice level and allows saving the number of trainee  placements and their remaining time.

GP Map Application

Workforce Reports

The workforce reports show aggregated workforce data for each practice in a CCG or PCN for both the workforce substitution calculator and general workforce planning. It allows an overview of the total  headcount, FTE, vacancies, trainees and retirement information for the whole CCG or PCN.