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Tools to analyse market shares and insights into UK government open contract data.

The contract query app helps users gain insights into open contract data. It provides tools to search for contracts of interest, then analyse the data. It also provides tools to investigate the market shares held by customers and suppliers.

Core Benefits


Our technology uses state-of-the-art digital certificate-based security.


Fine grained permission levels ensure only the right people access sensitive information.

Smarter Search

Smarter search options allow more accurate matching of relevant contracts.

Strategic Management

The relevancy score allows improved filtering of matching contracts.

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Visualization of contract data to allow more intuitive market research.

Market Share Analysis

Market share analysis allows major contracts suppliers and competitors to be determined.

Workforce Optimisation

Less time spent searching for appropriate and strategic contracts.

Smarter Planning

Long-term analysis of contracts to predict when recurring contracts may come up for renewal, allowing strategic bidding.


Data Import

The data import module comprises back-end systems that allow the contract data to be downloaded using the Government Contract Open API. The importer can both download the entire contracts dataset or run smaller update operations to add recently published contracts to the database.

Data Integrity

The data integrity module provides fine-grained analytics on the completeness of the data imported into the system. It is a powerful tool that allows administrators to explore the quality of their records and identify areas for improvement.

Search Tool

The search tool allows contracts to be searched based on any contract criteria. Searches that are regularly used can be saved and loaded for convenience.

Table View

The table view allows contracts that match the search criteria to be viewed directly. The table shows the key detail fields, each row can be clicked to reveal the full contract details. The search bar allows the matching contracts to be further filtered, and the table can be exported to a CSV for use with external applications e.g. spreadsheets.

Contract Analysis

The contract analysis panel allows the cost and duration distributions of the contracts to be visualised. Tabular information on the regional distribution of contracts and the distribution of contracts and suppliers by numbers of awards, contract values, and contract duration. The table views can be expanded for easier viewing. Clicking on the ∑ symbol reveals a summary panel with statistical values for the table.

Consumer / Supplier Analysis

The analysis tools allow the regional distribution of contracts to be visualised along with market shares by the number of contracts awarded/issued, contract value, and contract duration. Customers and suppliers can be selected from drop-down menus with different priority sortings, and their market share compared to the market as a whole. The contracts corresponding to the selected customers/suppliers are represented by their titles and are clickable to reveal the full contract.