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Responsive, collaborative and self maintained content management system

NQM Knowledge Base provides a Content Management System (CMS) that allows organisations to document and share their knowledge as a website in a simple, secure, and elegantly presented way.

Core Benefits


Our technology uses state-of-the-art digital certificate-based security.


Web-based documentation platform, allowing data from text documents scattered across a file system to be accessible online.

Responsive Design

Modern responsive web design means you can trust your web pages look good on PCs and smartphones, maximising your content’s accessibility.

Self Maintained

Content is simple to create with markdown, set the style once, then you only have to worry about the text.


NQM Knowledge Base can be deployed as a module within your existing website, providing you with a documentation extension, or as a stand-alone platform.


As an online platform, once you make changes, they’re available for all users at the same link. There’s no longer any need to circulate a document every time it changes.


Web-based Editing

Edit and preview your articles side-by-side in the fully equipped text editor. Viewing how the page looks as you edit so you can be confident in your finished product. Changes become live for all users as soon as
you save.

Clean & Modern Design

Customise the theme and look of your portal, and even include your logo. All style selections will apply automatically to your articles, keeping a consistent look and feel to your knowledge base.

Mobile Friendly

The portal responds to your screen size, so it always looks good, even on small screens. This allows you, your colleagues, and your customers to access your important information on the go.