nquiringminds is pleased to announce that it has won an award of £100,000 to innovate in providing solutions to pressurised GP practices in the area of workload and demand management as one of the finalist in SBRI competition.  This is the first stage of an SBRI led Healthcare programme of innovations that could revolutionise GP Services to address the challenges of an aging population.  NHS England has funded this initiative and is committed to developing innovative products that address unmet health needs.
nquiringminds is bringing secure big data technologies to trail blaze innovations for adopting practical cost effective solutions in GP practices.  Working with Wessex AHSN and local GPS, nquiringminds is innovating in the management of the practice to ensure that patients are triaged effectively and removing inefficiencies to enable patients to get the right care, quickly, without lengthy waiting times.
Dr Liz Mear, Chair of the AHSN Network, commented on the competition:

There are few areas of our daily lives that remain untouched by technological advancement. Through the SBRI Healthcare programme, the AHSN Network is working with industry partners to develop solutions that will help deliver high quality GP services to a growing and aging population, and ensure patients across the country benefit from new and innovative technologies.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said:

General practice has always been a trail blazer for adopting new innovations in our daily practice. At a time when our profession is under intense resource and workforce pressures, it is important that we continue to encourage and support new ideas that can benefit the care we deliver to patients, and make life that little bit easier for healthcare professionals right across the NHS.

For the full press release visit SBRI healthcare programme.
More information about the SBRI healthcare project can be found here.