NquiringMinds have been working alongside SEAB Energy to develop a simplified process for developing custom logic for processing data collected from SEAB’s Muckbuster anaerobic digesters. Muckbuster units convert waste materials into biogas which can be used for energy production, the units use state of the art sensor technology to collect information on the process and ensure optimal conditions for anaerobic breakdown.

By utilising innovative IoT technology it has become possible to easily create complex logic flows to deal with adding intelligence to biogas sensors, chlorine sensors and smart trashcans.

Leveraging NquiringMinds’ central hub and dashboard architecture to manage and collect information from sensors in SEAB’s devices to interface to a PLC via ethernet.  For example easy automation of pH adjustments to the feedstock conditions during input to a Muckbuster unit – The ability to do this rapidly is incredibly important as conditions can vary quickly with environmental factors and the material input into the unit.
NquiringMinds are pleased with the result of the collaboration with SEAB, the project has clearly showcased the flexibility of the UbiApps framework and the benefits of a true open source approach to IoT applications.