Strategic decision making using integrated city data: Open Data Champion Case Study
Southampton, March 2015:
Yesterday (24/03/15), the Cabinet Office announced their Champions of Open Data: Nquiringminds working with Hampshire County Council were one of the 16 case studies, selected to highlight best practice  Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, invited 16  local and regional authorities to Whitehall who are setting the standard in open data and transparency. He recognised the important work that these exemplar authorities are doing to put data back into the hands of citizens and create opportunities for innovation, economic and social growth and better public services. A write up of this event is available at the site
Last month Hampshire County Council hosted the first ever Open Data Camp. Building on the rich open data resource cultivated by Hampshire County Council within the Hampshire Hub  this transformative environment allowed Nquiringminds to showcase its GP Surgery Pressure Map for the local area.  The visualisation recognises the demand for GP appointments over time using open data. It is this same application that is being showcased by the cabinet office.
Nquiringminds will has been selected by the UK as the Data Integration Platform for the UK Future Cities Program, a £1m project to start next month.  The Open Data Platform will be customised to develop future city solutions with Hampshire, Cambridge and Liverpool Councils using open data to connect with communities, collaborate on solutions to local challenges and improve local service delivery.
The government is recognising the importance of smart city technology and believes that it could prove transformative.  In the 2015 budget George Osborn has pledged £40m to develop Internet of Things technologies in healthcare and social care and Smart Cities.
Further Links and Information:
The GP Pressure Map was included in the Cabinet Office open data champion case studies:
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Hampshire Hub Data Resource.
The Open Data Camp hosted by Hampshire County Council.
NquiringMinds  (NQM) has developed advanced web technology and has used its UbiApps: platform to develop this model.   UbiApps is a secure “internet of things” platform with integrated data visualization and analytics. NQM has been selected by InnovateUK as the data integration platform for the Future City Solutions Program. Cisco identified them as one of the top 15 IOT companies, in their Cisco Pioneers competition.