At this years CeBIT, NquiringMinds Ltd will formally launch their new Enterprise Mobility Product UbiApps.
UbiApps is unique in the market in that it combines the features typically associated with Enterprise Workflow Platforms, with Asset Tracking System capabilities. In addition to the ability to manage applications across mobiles, PCs and Operating Systems, UbiApps has been designed with an Integrated Internet of Things module,  to securely managed the data and services emanating from Connected Things. It is designed around an innovative next generation web architecture.
Much of the technology and innovation at the heart of the UbiApps project was created within the webinos Open Source Foundation where NquiringMinds takes a leading role. This Open Source project involved the likes of Sony, Samsung, Telefoncica, Deutsche Telekom, DOCOMO, Telecom Italia and W3C. It represents a 15 million euro collective investment on behalf of industry and the EU, and defines both the specifications and Open Source assets on which core elements of UbiApps are based.
Security is a critical element of enterprise solutions; UbiApps contains state of the art security technology to manage devices, services, applications and  user identities.
UbiApps has already gained significant commercial traction. We are the winners of a UK government contract to develop Open Data Systems for local government. UbiApps facility to manage diverse end point devices, secure peer to peer sharing between organisations and GUI development environments for the creation of new data visualisations and processes, is seen as very important for this market. We are currently in trial with a number of local councils.
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