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Founded in 2010, nquiringminds is a British company specialising in Smart Cities, Secure IOT, and AI Analytics


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Financial Services

Data analytics enable businesses to identify new opportunities, to harness costs savings and to enable faster more effective decision making.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


NquiringMinds is one of only two SMEs to feature as a case study in the UK Governments £4.6 billion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Whitepaper, for our innovative work with rates collection for Belfast City Council.
UK – SBRI – Selected by UK Gov to develop data sharing platforms for local government and the Northern Ireland Audit Office.
There is huge potential to improve the efficiency of many financial and audit processes; data-enabled techniques can lead to more in-depth analysis and investigation and provide stronger assurances in finance.

As a company with a track record of delivering innovative AI solutions, NquiringMinds is well placed to fulfil this demand, and our secure data sharing platform is ideal for bringing together data from multiple agencies whilst preserving privacy and handling complex permission levels. We apply state of the art analysis to a wide range of financial information to provide insights that help better manage resources, spot anomalies and plan for the future.

NQM Business Rates

The Business Rates Analytics helps strategically manage, plan and optimise the collection of business rates. It provides tools for workflow management and inspection prioritisation and applies sophisticated analytics to intelligently predict properties that are likely to be misclassified

NQM Audit Analyser

NQM Financial Audit Analytics is an intelligent, financial analytics platform that implements data-driven audit processes to achieve true efficiencies in the audit workflow.

NQM Economic Analyser

The Economic Analyser application helps local authorities to improve decision making to re-generate and expand the local economy. It uses data analysis and forecasting to provide tools to improve understanding, examine scenarios and plan for the future.

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Health & Social Care
Health and social care providers are under huge pressure to deliver more and more with limited funding. An increasingly ageing population, the coronavirus pandemic and complex data sharing arrangements are just some of the drivers of a need to create advanced tools to improve efficiency, capacity and response times.

Our secure data sharing platform is ideal for bringing together data from multiple agencies whilst preserving privacy and handling complex permission levels. We apply state of the art analysis to information already held by local authorities and health bodies to provide insights that help better manage resources and plan for the future.

The Ageing Society Grand Challenge aims to put the UK at the forefront of the world in technologies, products and services to help support healthy ageing. One company helping to achieve this is NquiringMinds.
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

January 24, 2019


Nquiringminds featured in an Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund case study, a success story promoted by BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy).
NESTA Healthier Lives Data Fund award for innovative ways of gathering, analysing and presenting data to people.
AgeTech Accelerator for technological and social innovations for all stakeholders involved in the Silver Econony.

NQM Care Workforce

Care Workforce uses data to match GP Practice staff capacity with demand by examining the mix of skills required to deliver future appointment needs, and enabling vacancies, retirement plans and staffing levels to be viewed and managed at CCG and PCN level.

NQM CareTeam

CareTeam is a secure citizen centric care management platform that enables organisations to share data on the delivery of adult social care. By integrating data from care agencies (including live home care records), social workers, informal carers and home sensors it facilitates faster and more flexible response to issues.

NQM Care Analytics

Care Analytics is a set of tools that combines adult social care records and applies advanced analytics to improve the management and planning of adult social care. It provides a single integrated view of individual service user records and strategic and operational insights at the service level.

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Data analytics and IoT devices are some of the tools being used to reduce spoilage and increase yields in agriculture. Processes that rely on periodic human inspection, over reliance on chemicals and timely interventions fail frequently because of resource restraints, lack of expertise and the speed at which crops can be spoilt. By combining data sets and real time on the ground measurements from IoT devices we can optimise processes and reduce spoilage.

As a result of our groundbreaking work with rice crops in India we were invited to accompany the then Prime Minister Theresa may on her India-UK TECH Summit to India  in 2016 to be held in India The Summit marked celebration of India and UK’s partnership across business, technology, science, innovation, education and design.

The proliferation of digital technology and data analytics in agriculture is contributing to the lives of farmers and agricultural service providers in developing country economies.

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

NQM GrainCare

GrainCare applies modern low cost sensing technologies and advanced analytics to optimise grain drying and storage and reduce post-harvest spoilage. It has been applied primarily to rice crops in India however the technology is equally applicable to other grains. It includes the following elements 

  • Low-cost, low power robust sensors, that measure temperature and humidity levels during processing and storage 
  • Advanced calibration using machine learning technologies that can infer true moisture levels from ambient humidity and other readings,  
  • Open APIs and interfaces to allow sensing and control systems to be applied to a range of drying equipment and drying process 
  • Advance learning control systems that can optimise storage conditions and reduce spoilage, labour and energy use 
  • Smple user interfaces designed for use by the target market

NQM CropDoc

CropDoc is a decision support system to manage the devastating impacts of potato blight disease. It applies cutting edge analytics techniques to data from IoT ground sensing devices and crowdsourced information collected online and on mobile phones to detect the presence of the disease. State-of-the-art machine learning, AI, and image processing techniques developed by industry and academic agriculture experts are applied to the data to provide advanced warning of blight. For farmers, CropDoc helps track the risk of blight in their own crops and those in nearby fields and get suggestions for treatment schedules. CropDoc also allows farmers to capture photos of their crops and have an AI analyse the crop for blight. For government and agri-business, CropDoc helps monitor blight statistics across their entire farm area from groups of fields, to local and national coverage. CropDoc provides early warning of blight outbr